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Engine Tuning

Smart Power Bench

Power bench for bike diagnostics and tuning (with gearbox)

Content: SPB specifications | Standard accessoriesOption | Safety precautions for SPB

Description Smart Power Bench

  • The station may only be operated by a trained person – see Safety precautions for SPB
  • Simulates engine load equivalent to road test – Gear 1
  • Simulates double load for comfortable tuning measurements (VE maps) – Gear 2
  • Provides measurements for both power and torque
    curves – Gear1
  • Facilitates measurement of VE maps for engine tuning
  • Provides the opportunity to carry out engine diagnostics whilst under load
  • Utilises built-in fan for engine cooling
  • Embedded protection of rear tyre

  • SPB is an ideal tool for motorcycle specialists who carry out bike repairs and servicing, ECU diagnostics and especially engine tuning. SPB gives you more than basic measuring capabilities. It is able to simulate the engine load without the hazards associated with road tests, under both stable and dynamic conditions. Utilising a large roller with high moment of inertia & specially adapted fan assembly is equivalent to the motorcycle and rider mass and drag caused by air flow.
  • SPB is designed to complement the range of equipment available in the DIAG4BIKE family and is especially well suited for the tuning of Harley-Davidson® engines.
  • DIAG4POWER is our new software program allowing full control of measurements withSmart Power Bench

SPB specifications

  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Dimensions: 2,8m x 0,5m x 1m (W x H x D), 110″ x 20″ x 40″
  • Roller diameter: 450 mm, 18″
  • Mass moment of inertia of the system: ~12 kgm2 (see label on SPB) – Gear 1
  • Measurement range of engine power: 10 – 250 kW
    At load, power input of the fan is mainly given by the built-in load fan, and is dependent on the engaged gear of the station (the following data is for illustration only):

    • Gear 1:
      • 10 kW at 100 km/h (60 MPH)
      • 30 kW at 150 km/h (90 MPH)
      • 70 kW at 200 km/h (120 MPH)
    • Gear 2:
      • 10 kW at 50 km/h (30 MPH)
      • 30 kW at 75 km/h (45 MPH)
      • 70 kW at 100 km/h (60 MPH)
  • Maximum driving speed (peripheral speed of the roller):
    • Gear 1: 250 km/h, 150 MPH
    • Gear 2: 100 km/h, 63 MPH
  • Connection to PC: RS 232 or USB
  • Required PC operation system: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Power supply of the station: 230V AC or 12V DC with power of 24 W. Power supply can therefore be provided from a 12V vehicle battery
  • The operating temperature range of the station: +10 to +40 °C
  • Cooling of rear tire: provided automatically by the built-in fan
  • Temperature measurement of the rear tire: IR measurement
  • Remote control: IR (infra red)
  • Measuring ambient air pressure: 870 to 1100 hPa (at sea level)

Notable features of SPB

  • Fast & Simple installation without the need for building works or anchorage
  • Intuitive usage and simple maintenance
  • Cost effective high quality solution produced 100% in Europe (product of the Czech Republic)

Standard accessories

Smart Power Bench

AT102 3036 - Ignition sensor for SPB
  • rpm measurement
AT132 4012 - Measuring engine temperature
  • 0°C to 200°C
  • Contactless infrared thermometer
AT132 4013 - Measuring tire temperature
  • 0°C to 200°C
  • Contactless infrared thermometer
AT132 4017 - Measuring intake air temperature
  • -9°C to 70°C
AT157 4006 - Wireless remote controller
  • infrared


Standard accessories SPB


Smart Power Bench

AT531 5042 - DIAG4BIKE (NEW)
  • RPM reading
  • Diagnostic and tuning system DIAG4BIKE for H-D®
  • Enables reading engine parameters required for measuring performance parameters directly from the diagnostic connector of H-D ® motorcycles
    • engine speed and temperature
    • TPS position
    • VIN
AT131 4002 - Additional motorcycle cooling
  • This powerful Axial Fan is useful equipment for additional engine cooling while using the Smart Power Bench. The fan is equipped with two power levels.
  • Power levels are switchable between level 1, level 2 and auto
    1. Level auto is dedicated for Tuning Measurements (VE maps measurement). The Smart Power Bench automatically controls the power level of the fan dependent on engine temperature..
    2. Level 1: Electric Power 0.5 kW, Airflow 4 700 m3/h, Air speed 26 km/h
    3. Level 2: Electric Power 2 kW, Airflow 11 000 m3/h, Air speed 60 km/h
AT131 4001 - Exhaust gas extractor
  • This powerful Radial Fan is designed for extraction of exhaust gases from motorcycles during power tests and during tuning measurements.
  • The fan is equipped with adapters for one side and two side motorcycle exhaust pipe configurations.
  • The fan output is connected to the hose diameter of 305 mm with a length of 3 m.
  • Electric Power 3 kW, Airflow 6000 m3/h
  • Adapters:
    • a) One side exhaust pipe – diameter 250 mm
    • b) Duo sides exhaust pipe – diameter 2×200 mm
    • c) Yoke
AT531 4097 - Throttle control limiter

Throttle control limiter is useful option for VE mapsmeasuring. This tool helps in setting of constant throttle position during acceleration or deceleration.

AT106 4020 - Installation set Lambda
  • This set is an accessory to the AFR Tuning Monitor.
  • It will allow you to install a pair of broadband lambda probes to any exhaust where replacing original probes is difficult (M18 thread).
  • The kit contains a powerful pump that guarantees high accuracy of measurement of real AFR on each cylinder. The pump is powered by 12 V and can therefore be used even during a road test.
  • All the necessary tools are included in the kit.
AT106 4064 - Installation set Lambda MINI

This kit includes all accessories needed for installing a pair of broadband lambda probes directly onto the exhaust.

AT106 4047 - Adapter for open exhaust

Adapter for open exhaust manifold avoids the need for fitting lambda probe

AT533 4074 - Transport detachable wheels for SPB

Set of wheels for easy transport of SPB

AT857 5016 - PC station for SPB with Touch screen (21.5")

Kit includes:


  • Trolley
  • Industrial box PC with OS
  • Monitor 21.5″ with Touchscreen
  • Ink color printer
  • Keyboard and mouse


Option SPB

Last page update: September 24, 2018