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Smart Power Bench

Safety precautions for SPB

Safety instructions 1

  • These safety precautions must be posted near the Smart Power Bench station.
  • The station may only be operated by a trained person.
  • During the measurement, the operator must protect their eyes and ears and wear tight-fitting work clothing and safety boots.
  • During the operation, the station must be in perfect condition and must be connected to the power supply of 230VZ12V, 24W.
  • Before starting the measurements, always make sure that the measured bike is in perfect condition and is securely attached to the station.
  • In the rear part, fix the bike securely to the SPB using one strap to the side SPB holes. The bike should be securely fixed, preferably on the load-bearing frame, in an upright position.
  • Tighten the securing strap so that it simulates the operating load and prevents slippage of the rear wheel on the roller.
  • Make sure the straps do not touch or near the exhaust pipe.
  • Any loose ends should be fixed to the straps.
  • During the acceleration measurement, there should be no tire slippage by using inappropriate (too low) gear.
  • The rear tire of the bike should be inflated to the maximum allowable pressure specified by the tire manufacturer.
  • During the measurement, there should be no other person within a radius of two meters from the station and 10 meters behind the station, except for the engineer performing the measurement.
  • During the measurement, within a radius of 4 meters the station should be free from objects that might be sucked into the air inlet hole of the station.
  • The maximum allowable speed of the station may not be exceeded during the measurement:
    • 225 Km/h in  Gear I, 140 MPH
    • 110 Km/h in Gear II, 68 MPH

Safety traffic light (Description)

red light

Exceeding the specified speed is indicated by the red light on the safety set of traffic lights placed in front of the station and always in the operator’s field of vision.

Orange light

The Orange light indicates a level exceeding 90 % of the maximum speed.

Green light

Green light indicates the operating status with the built-in fan rotating

Blinking green light

Blinking green light indicates a rotating fan within the permitted speed. In this status it is possible to change load gears of the station (I – II)

Safety instructions 2

  • During the measurement, it is necessary to provide proper extraction of exhaust gases outside the measurement area.
  • Measurements must not be started if the green light of the traffic lights is not on (or flashing).
  • During the measurement, the temperature of the tire should be checked, and if the tire temperature exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of the manufacturer, the measurement must be discontinued immediately.
  • The maximum allowable speed of rear tire may not be exceeded during the measurement.
  • During the measurement, maximum design speed and RPM of the bike engine may not be exceeded.
  • On the station, gears may only be changed if the green light on the safety traffic lights is flashing. Flashing green light indicates that the fan has stopped. Stopping of the roller does mean stopping of the fan!

Smart Power Bench

Gearbox SPB

  • While you are changing gear no: 1 to gear no: 2
    • move the shift lever to position no: 2, then turn slowly by heavy roller in any direction until will be gear changed
    • you will hear a click of the gears and you will feel much resistance when turning by the roller
  • While you are changing gear no: 2 to gear no:1
    • just move the shift lever to position no: 1
    • no need to turn by heavy roller

Last page update: July 10, 2018